I have a daily routine - I goto work from 9:00am - 1:00pm for my graphic design job, then come back home and stream until dinner. Today, my plans changed... Twitch was been down all afternoon and even as I type this post.

I didn't expect this to happen but I'd love to share what I enjoying doing when I'm not streaming.

Take A Nap - Even at 27 years old, I can honestly say I adore naps. If there is an opportunity to take down-time and sneak in a nap in my day, it's quite nice. I especially love laying down on my bed near the window... I like to call it a 'cat-nap by the sunshine' - those are my favorite naps. 

Edit Videos/Practice Graphic Work - I usually use my off-stream time to catch up on any video projects or design work. Recently, I've been trying to do more IRL/VLOG type videos for my channel, so I've been aiming to plan those out on my off time. If I see a really awesome tutorial for cool graphic work, I try and learn that on my off time too.

Play Pokemon GO - Last summer was my most active times to play PokemonGO. Whenever there is time, my boyfriend and I like to venture out to the State Capital area/or Auditorium Shores to capture some Pokemon. Those are the most active places in Austin to go catch some and not to mention, really nice areas to walk around!

Go Running - Running is one of my best stress relievers. If I'm able to have time in my day, I try and run the boardwalk near down time. It has an amazing view of the city skyline and it's just a great path to run on.

Clean The Apartment - As weird as it sounds, I enjoy cleaning. I like knowing once I'm out of work or done streaming, everything is already set and clean. That just gives me more time to focus on other things. A clean work space makes my happy. 

Those are mainly the things I end up doing if I'm not streaming, or in this case, the whole Twitch website is down. How do you like to spend your down-time/days off from work? :) I'd love to know and possibly try out new things on my off days!