It's been awhile again! I've been really occupied with the growth of my Twitch channel and trying to stay busy with more design jobs. My boyfriend and I recently did a thing - a very good thing. 

We adopted a new kitten! 3 weeks ago, there was a local event for kitten adoptions. It was amazing to see almost ALL the cats & kittens going to a new home. What I love about living in Austin is that we are a No-Kill city, meaning no animal that is being held for a long time in a shelter will be euthanized. Austin aims to not kill ANY animals and often hosts many adoption events. It's also great to see how many people step in to foster the animals and help the shelters as best they can.

One kitten also stood out for us - a tiny gray/brown tiger-striped kitten. She was extremely calm and enjoyed being held without a fuss. We adopted that kitten and named her RWBY, after the Rooster Teeth animation.

Check out this video of RWBY on the 1st day we got her! :)

I feel it's very important adopting an animal through your local shelter because you are helping out the community and giving animals a loving home. Thank you Austin Pets Alive for hosting this event and love to the foster family who had raised Rwby previously!