As much as I would've loved to attend E3 this year since they opened it up to the public, I was able to catch the big names via live streaming and all they had to offer/share. The one conference I was really looking forward to was the Xbox one. Being a consistent Xbox buyer/owner, I love to know the upcoming games I can potentially play with friends & for my stream. I'd love to share the games that caught my eye that I hope to eventually play once released! Metro Exodus - The trailer they released during the conference was beyond beautiful & excited to look at. Especially with the nice touch of the 28 Days Later song in the background, it was very excited to see the game being open world! Anthem - This game gives me the feel and mix of games I already like to play, like Halo, Destiny and randomly a bit of Warframe (because of the space-vibe). Love the fact that it will also be open world & you're able to get friends in. Sea of Thieves -  They announced this game last E3 and even though it has a younger-vibe to the game, I'd love to play this with a group of friends! Pirates are pretty rad. Minecraft Xbox - I play Minecraft on PC because we have a sub-server we run. I also have Minecraft purchased for Xbox so now that they announced better visuals for Xbox, it would be possible to start playing it on Xbox as well! Shaders make the game look so surreal. PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (Xbox) - I own this game already on PC, but I think it's great it will be going to Xbox as a finished product! They have really stepped up their game compared to other battle royale games. Looking forward to see it's growth! Other Games of Interest - State of Decay 2, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm & Destiny 2. I'm more of an Xbox console kind-of-person so most of the games I would love to play are for Xbox. The Nintendo Switch had some fun looking games as well and I would love to invest in one sometime soon. As for Playstation, not may games caught my interest just yet. Any games you thought that were worth getting once released? E3 has shared a lot of amazing things this year so far.