I was finally able to attend Dreamhack Austin - The past years, I've always had a job that made me work during the weekends and always gave me a hard time asking for certain days off. This year was my first year going & it's been such a nice experience.

Dreamhack Austin was at the Austin Convention Center from Friday, April 28th to Sunday, April 30th. This was also my first time ever streaming at a convention.

Friday - I arrived about 2 hours early to pick up my badge, swag-bag & browse around the event before I had to stream. It was really cool to see a bunch of people bringing their own PC's - some looked incredibly beast. I was able to say hello & talk to a few familiar faces and then it was my turn to stream.

Streamer zone @ #dreamhack #DHATX17

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The PC's we used were really nice! I ended up streaming some H1Z1 for my first stream day. It was nice & a different feeling streaming at an actually event. People would stop by when they noticed myself in 1v1 situations in the game & start cheering me on. It was a good first day!

Later that night we attended the Twitch Texas Streamer meet-up for an hour to mingle around. We met some nice local streamers & then decided to call it a night early since I was streaming really early the next morning.

Saturday - This was my early stream time from 10AM-4PM. Another streamer (TenTanMan) and I decided to run doubles on PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. It was nice having people to play with during this stream time - We ended up getting team games going after awhile.

Here's some official pictures provided by Dreamhack!

Astro Gaming also approached me to do an Astro A40 + Mixamp TR giveaway! It was awesome to be able to work with a gaming company this big & I'm happy for the opportunity to do the giveaway.


Honestly, as for the convention/event overall, I wish I took more time to check out other things going on at the event. I'm still glad I had this opportunity to stream from an event - Hoping I can do more in the feature! Thanks for reading!