First 2017 out of state convention for us was PAX East! I still remember snagging some tickets right when they announced ticket release - Now it was the time for us to fly over to Boston!

This would be my second time attending this convention - If you remember last year, I ended up going to PAX East 2016 at the last minute by myself. This year, I'm glad I was able to enjoy the convention with my boyfriend.

#PAXEast2017! Goodbye Austin! Boston, we are coming for you! #ATX

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Friday - Our flight was to arrive at 4PM on the first day of PAX East. When we landed in Boston, the first thing we saw was snow! We checked into our hotel, relaxed for a bit as we charged up our phones, then headed to the convention center for the last hour of it. Our first day in was very chill - We ended up grabbing dinner by the harbor & sleeping for the rest of the night since we were exhausted from traveling.

Saturday - We got up early enough to walk to the nearest Dunkin Donuts to grab some hot coffee & breakfast. This was probably our coldest day in Boston! It was 10 degrees outside feeling like -8. Despite it being extremely cold, it was still a nice experience to see the snow. This was probably our busiest day at the convention - We ran into some friends, met new people & were introduced to some nice people in the gaming industry. There was a lot of indie games to check out & some of our favorite games to play (Halo, Minecraft)!

After checking out a good amount of the convention this day, we ended up stopping by the H1Z1 Mixer afterwards for some drinks & met up with two friends ( It was a nice time & awesome to see there was a good amount of some of our favorite H1Z1 players hanging out.

We ended the night getting some dinner & a few more drinks with our friends at their hotel bar. It was a good day.

Sunday - First we ended up grabbing some lunch with my boyfriends parents - then headed over to the convention! On the last day of PAX, we used this day to check out any last minute things we didn't want to miss out on. The only thing keeping us staying at the convention the whole day was the giveaways & raffles towards the end - We didn't end up winning anything but still got to see and sign up for cool stuff. As our last meal in Boston, we got some really good Mexican food & margaritas by a restaurant near our hotel.

Monday - We woke up at 2:30AM to make sure everything was packed up and ready - Then took our cab to the airport for our 6AM flight back home. The weather was making us a little nervous if we were going to end up getting our flight canceled/delayed... We made it back home to the beautiful and sunny Austin, TX by noon!

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Hotel Review:

We booked our stay at the Godfrey Hotel Boston. It was right in the heart of downtown Boston & not too far from the hotel I stayed in last year for PAX East. We were able to get a decent price on the hotel since I got a small discount booking through a traveling website. The hotel was extremely nice & the room was perfect for us. Our favorite part was enjoying the king size bed to pass out on after a long day of walking around. I'd highly recommend checking out this hotel & we would likely book again next year if we get a chance!


This convention wouldn't be possible with the support & help from my streaming community + my boyfriend! Can't express how amazing you guys are & I look forward to meeting your faces at future conventions.

Thanks for reading! ♥