This year, PAX South went a little differently - Instead of going all 3 days, we decided to just go for Saturday. We had a friend and knew a few other people who flew from out of state for this event. It still amazes me how people come together, meeting for the first time & build friendships/relationships through Twitch! Thursday was our friends arrival! Be sure to check out his first day post! Friday, we traveled down to San Antonio to stay with our friends. We missed the first day of South but we knew we would be spending all day at the convention the next day. There's a bunch of conventions we have lined up for the year so we're just saving as much as we can for each event.

Check out my video on our Saturday experience!

This PAX felt short & past way too fast! There definitely wasn't enough time to bump into/or see everyone. It was still nice seeing a few familiar faces, though. Even though we weren't there the whole weekend, our friend still had a great time at his first convention & seeing the sights of Texas. Our next event will be in a month- PAX East is coming up and I can't wait to go! It's always nice to start off the year with a PAX event :)