Yesterday, one of our friends flew in from out of state to visit us during the PAX South weekend! This was our first time meeting him and also his first time visiting Texas - So I decided to make a vlog out of the arrival day. I'll also be doing more vlogs/videos for the rest of the weekend to share our PAX experience! It's seems like it's a tradition to take anyone new to Texas to eat at Hula Hut first - At least, that's where I've taken anyone visiting! I feel like it's a nice experience to eat near the lake & enjoy some good TexMex food. It was nice to have a bunch of friends together & everyone being excited for PAX weekend to begin. After dinner, we decided to show a few of them the State Capital while also doing a bit of Pokemon-GO (YES, I still love PGO!)

Check out the first vlog for this weekend to see how the rest of the night went!

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