I'm striving for bigger things this year - I wanted to continue to have the streaming community grow and look for any positive opportunity. This month, I decided to start up a stream team. We may have a small community but it's honestly filled with amazing streamers also looking to grow!

The Epic Heroes Stream Team was started by GirlHeroLori.

- The stream team consists of a group of epic content creators of all time - from Variety, Creative to Competitive streamers. - Fun & positive gaming communities. We are a small stream team hoping to give you great entertainment from our variety of streamers!
*We are currently looking for members*! We've had some positive feedback on the stream team and we are going to have it continue to grow! If you are a streaming/content creator and have any questions about joining the group, please send a private 'DM' on our official Twitter account! It's the best way to get in contact with us!   As for now, be sure to follow our Twitter account for any upcoming updates & be sure to stop by and visit our amazing streamers!