It's been getting colder in Austin. The holidays are also coming up so it's nice exploring around Austin and seeing all the Christmas lights going up. It's been a busy work week and I was just ready for the weekend to hurry up! Started off the weekend going to once of my little favorite BBQ joins with my boyfriend. Green Mesquite, on Barton Springs, has always been my favorite location & place to get some BBQ - The atmosphere is always cozy & some nice hot BBQ was great for the cold day.

Ended the meal with a nice blueberry pie & ice cream a-la-mode. 

I'm pretty sure a bunch of people think PokemonGO is dead. It definitely had a great start with a bunch of people playing it in the beginning - I have noticed a large decrease of my friends using the app. I however still enjoy using it! It gets me and my boyfriend exploring more of Austin & out for the weekend. Even if it's not our definite plan for the day, we always find ourselves trying to grow our Pokedex.

Yesterday, which would be my official day off from work & stream, we started the day off with a delicious donut from the Gourdough's Food Truck on South 1st street. I've been coming to this location since the beginning of moving to Austin... I've still yet to try the restaurant location.

 I think we've planned on aiming to go and try different places at least once a week - Explore of Austin if we can! I'm liking the idea so far - Makes it a nice way to look forward to something at the end of the week. Sunday's are also a time for us to catch up on errands and completely relax too.

Ended up spending the rest of the night watching the Halo Pro League & taking it easy before the busy work week began. I know this week had a lot of nice stuff to check out so hopefully I can make more vlog content & share with you guys the experiences! :)

Happy Monday!