I haven't done an update lately on what's been going on in life right now for me.


There have definitely been some changes and I'd love to share them with you.

Career Last thing I've mentioned before, job wise, was that I decided to quit my job in May to pursue full time streaming. It was a different pace - I was my own boss streaming on my own schedule. I pursued this for 5 months until I decided to continue looking for graphic design work - Streaming was doing fine; Paying the bills and just getting by. When I worked two jobs previously, it seemed more comfortable for traveling & such. Streaming just helped pay the rent & bills and nothing else. I recently got hired as a graphic designer for a big event/music venue in downtown Austin. I'm extremely in love with the job/work! I've been wanting to pursue more design work & this job is just perfect - It still even gives me enough time to stream in the afternoons!


This year has had a lot of ups and downs with relationships - Friendship & love-wise. There have been many people coming in & out of my life via Twitch/streaming. I need to accept the fact that I can't try and friend every single person I come across in the Twitch world - Most of those friendships ended with boundaries being drawn over the line. I'm going to make a blog post soon talking about boundaries & streaming life with more in-depth details about certain situations.


It wasn't all a downfall for friendships though, I've gotten closer & grew a stronger bond with a few people who have been watching my channel for awhile & started to connect with old friends I haven't seen it awhile. Friendships are solid. Love wise - In the beginning of the year, I had a very awkward and unhealthy situation of living with my ex-boyfriend (of almost 8 years). Finally in March, all ties had been cut & I got my own apartment - Felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders & everything felt new. It was nice.

A few months after that, a friend and I became very close - Insane common interests, always great laughs & it didn't feel like I had to hide being my nerdy-self. Now almost 6 months into dating - It still scares me how awesome we click & how comfortable we are around each other. I could probably continue on and write many paragraphs of how happy I am into this new relationship but I'll just leave it as I'm just happy I found a best friend that makes me look into the future with positive thoughts. I'm extremely grateful to have him in my life. It's even nice to hear people I've known for awhile tell me that I seem so much happier now in life.


During my college years, my parents were generous enough to get me a nice little old 2006 used car to get around in Austin. The car finally had it's last breaths a few months ago and I was left car-less. I'm grateful my boyfriend was able to take me around a few places but I knew I needed to finally purchase a car.

After landing the new graphic design job, I felt it would be a good time to get one. I purchased my first car - Besides renting an apartment, I just took another adult plunge and signed for my own car. I've always wanted a tiny hatchback so I was able to purchase a brand new Chevy hatchback. Purchasing the car has made me feel a bit more responsible & just a tad scared of another payment on top of rent + bills. But in the end, it'll be fine - This all would've had to happen soon anyway.


I'm always tired. I took back at old pictures and blog posts and think to myself "I look like I had so much life in me". I still do things until this day - Walk around the city taking photos of everything, flying out of state for gaming conventions, staying up late on weekends playing video games, etc... But as the years continued on, I noticed I'm getting tired easier. Maybe it is because I am getting old - Turning 27 this upcoming year! Maybe because of all the ups & downs of stress related things. I'm not sure. But I wish there was more than 24 hours in a day.

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I want to do more things. I want to cram my graphic design job, stream time, taking photos with my Nikon, more dates with my boyfriend, more naps, more time to just do all the things in a day. I guess this is part of growing up?

This post seemed like it was on a more serious note & update. But that is what is going on for now - I hope to find time to write more stuff for you guys. I'm really aiming to write the "Streaming Life & Boundaries" post soon. Thanks for reading & catching up with me.