Today my boyfriend and I decided to grab a quick lunch at BurgerFi here in Austin, TX. The last time I had Burger Fi was when we were visiting Florida - It was a nice location really close to the beach area!


Recently we found out that we had a BurgerFi located in southwest Austin.

I ordered the same burger as I did last time - a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, mustard and ketchup. While my boyfriend ended up getting the 'Breakfast All Day' burger. To make the meal even better, we added a side of cheesy fries & two sodas.



Just like the first time I tried it, the burger tasted just as amazing. Not to mention, the fries were delicious, even without the chili *which we added the first time we ordered the fries*.

What was really nice about this location was how big the restaurant was - Compared to the other location we went to in Florida, this one was way more spacious & less crowded. The food didn't take long to arrive to us & the meal was not-at-all disappointing.

I don't really like eating at burger restaurants but I actually had been day dreaming about BurgerFi ever since the first time I tried it. Can't beat the grilled-taste & hand-cut fries!

Other than burgers, you can also order their hot dogs, various sides of fries + onion rings, and their famous frozen custard!



I'm happy to know there is one in my home location. Just another thing to love about living in Austin, TX - Good food! I'd definitely recommend checking out one of their nearby locations & trying out their burgers!