TwitchCon is officially over... and it honestly makes me sad. This convention seemed different than the others. It felt more personal and it's one definitely to put down in the books.

Where to begin? I'll recap throughout the days of my trip! Hands down, I can probably name this convention as one of my favorites.

This year, TwitchCon was held in one of my favorite cities to visit, San Diego, California! My favorite thing about this trip was knowing that I would be traveling to this convention with my boyfriend & one of my best friends. It was exciting to know we would be meeting people we talk to almost everyday online, finally in person!


Day 01 - Thursday

Our flight was at 7:05am - We didn't sleep the previous night but streamed all the way until we had to leave to the airport. Our first stop was to San Francisco where we had a delay of 3 hours until our flight to San Diego. When we finally arrived in San Diego, we went straight to the apartment we were staying at with friends - Interesting little place with no A/C but very close to the convention. Pizza for dinner - then onto the Unofficial Official Discord party with everyone! It was a nice first day.

Day 02 - Friday

The first day of TwitchCon! As an official Twitch partner, I was allowed access to the expo floor and merch two hours before the public was able to. We ended up buying the Twitch merchandise we wanted & got some great footage of the expo floor before they let everyone else in.

Check out my TwitchCon 2016 Recap Video

After the convention, we had dinner with one of my longtime subscribers who ended up treated us to a nice place. We were able to hang out almost throughout the whole convention time and it was really fun actually hanging out with friends from chat. All of us spent the rest of our night hanging out at a house with a bunch of friends we talk to online.


Day 03 - Saturday

This was our busiest and longest day of the weekend! We were able to see alot of familiar faces around the convention and had lunch with some friends who I see at every gaming event. It was really nice catching up! I came across people who watched my stream and it's always a nice feeling putting a face to people you always talk to in chat. We were able to come across a few streamers I look up to & they were kind enough to talk to us for awhile.

During the night, it was the TwitchCon VIP party - There were performances by T-Pain, Steve Aoki, Darude. It was a fun time watching everyone goofing off and enjoying some drinks!

Day 04 - Sunday

The last day of TwitchCon. Our main focus was the H1Z1 Invitational. It was interesting to see newer streamers strive to the top. Check out my H1Z1 Invitational post to read more about my last day!


Honestly, this has been one of my favorite conventions. I still look back at all the photos I took on my phone and it makes me sad it's over. It was nice hanging out with people who we almost talk to everyday, have common interest and understand the Twitch world we love. The overall environment, experience and vibe to this convention made me extremely motivated to do so much more for my stream and create more content! Be sure to be on the look out for more new things happening!

Until the next TwitchCon... I can't wait!