This past weekend was the 2016 H1Z1 Invitational at TwitchCon. One of the main reasons I wanted to goto TwitchCon was for the invitational. I was upset I wasn't able to make it to the invitational/first TwitchCon last year so I made it a point to be there this year! twitchcon-h1z1-01 This year the prize pool reached $267,244, exceeding last years prize of $173,000. The event took place at TwitchCon which was hosted in San Diego, California this year on October 2nd. From August 24th-September 28th, 25% of any H1Z1 Invitational Crate purchased in the game would be added to the Invitational prize pool. Let's break down the portions that the top 10 players of each game would receive:
  • 1st Prize - $40,086.60 2nd Prize - $26,724.40 3rd Prize - $16,034.64 4th Prize - $13,362.20 5th Prize - $10,689.76 6th Prize - $8,017.32 7th Prize - $6,681.10 8th Prize - $5,344.88 9th Prize - $4,008.66 10th Prize - $2,672.44
There were 2 matches that the players could fight for a chance to win a portion of the prize pool.
Check out my video from the King of the Kill Invitational area!
And in case you missed it, I also did a short Periscope before the actual Invitational started! You can view it here! In the end, during the 1st match, Echo Radek took the title for 1st place on game 1 & Inboxes took 1st place on game 2! Congrats to both of them and good games to everyone who participated in the Invitational this year!
I hope to see the prize pool continue to grow for next year and hope there will be a lot more future H1Z1 Invitationals held.