Do you like watching scary movies? By that, we don’t just mean trashy horror movies with blood and insides splashing all around, but also movies that bring you to the edge of your seat and the thought of them makes you uncomfortable every time you have to go to the bathroom at night. As you probably know, Halloween is the best and scariest day of the year to watch this kind of movies and the adrenaline you get from is definitely worth it. gp-scarymovies1 We’ll discuss top ten of the scariest movies that you should watch this Samhain (Hallows Eve) and it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to expose yourself to so much terror and fright in the night when shadows roam free. Halloween (1978) It’s only natural to start our list with this all-time classic. Carpenter’s Michael Myers is the thing of nightmares for practically everyone that watched this movie, but it’s still probably the best slasher horror ever made. This story gets you into the world of a sociopath and its victims in Haddonfield and the massacre that happens on Halloween of 1978. This movie is absolutely terrifying and it will make you hold your breath even when you don’t realize it. If you’ve never watched Halloween, it’s a must, even if it means you never again trusting someone named Michael. The Others (2001) Here’s a thriller that won’t only give you chills for the most of the time you watch it, but its end will completely stupefy you as well. Nicole Kidman showed a new shade of her extraordinary acting in this movie and millions of viewers appreciated it. The Others is placed in the World War II, where Grace tries to keep her children safe while waiting for he lost husband. When her daughter starts seeing hosts, strange things begin to happen and Grace starts fearing for hers and her children’s lives. However, there are some much darker secrets yet to be revealed as the movie comes to its conclusion. Thrillingly scary, The Others will probably make you call for someone to come and stay with you after you’ve watched it, as you will not feel safe in the dark for a while. House Of Thousand Corpses (2003) In case that for this Halloween, you’re in the mood for gore and more, this is definitely the movie you should turn to. This slasher horror will make your gut turn more than once, so make sure you’re not too full on candy before you sit down to watch this movie. Story of a family that is nothing short from awful and two couples, who lost their way only to find themselves in the house of thousand corpses will make you look away from the screen very often. Great fun if you’re not a sensitive soul, and if you are, just skip this movie, you’ll sleep sounder. Poltergeist (1982) Do you know what lurks in your TV? Are you willing to find out? Poltergeist will provide you with a couple of hours of insight into what it looks like when a ghost start harassing a family, and we should warn you, it ain’t pretty. It may all be fun and games while the poltergeist is friendly, but once the daughter of the Freelings family goes missing, hold on to your seats and be ready for anything. Poltergeist has got 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, which says enough about its quality. Sleepy Hollow (1999) Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken in the same movie, need we say more? When you think of hauntingly beautiful (and often just haunting) filmmaking, it’s only normal that Tim Burton comes to mind. Probably one of the most creative and unique directors of its time, Burton aimed for the stars when he was making Sleepy Hollow. This movie has it all – ghoulish yet beautiful scenery, great cast, even better story and a headless horseman (Walken) that comes to town to, simply put, kill everybody. Icabode Crane (Depp) comes to the rescue to the damsel in distress (Christina Ricci) and this is where the fun begins. Paranormal Activity (2007) This is an indie film that was on the $11,000 budget, but it’s still just as scary as any of the movies mentioned here. Paranormal Activity has three sequels, but many claim that none is as good as the original from 2007. Taking the center stage is the couple living in a house which they supposedly share with a creature not of this world. The couple sets up cameras all over the house to capture the creature on tape and when they finally succeed, their lives turn into a horror. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Ever heard of Leatherface? If not then you must watch Chainsaw Massacre. Not only is it a classic, but it is practically guaranteed that it will scare you senseless. Suffices to say that Leatherface wears a mask made of human skin and is on the prowl to kill anyone who crosses his path. Need we say more? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is beloved by many horror movie fans out there, so if you’re brave enough, definitely give it a go. Pet Sematary (1989) Not many movies begin with a zombie cat, but Stephen King knows what he’s doing. If you’ve ever read anything by this world renowned author, then you know just how talented he is to make the most ordinary things absolutely terrifying, and this movie is no exception. When the dead start rising from the haunted ground, you’ll understand why this film is a perfect fit for a good Halloween scare. The Shining (1980) Heeere’s Johnny! Pair a haunted hotel with Jack Nicholson and you get a great thriller horror movie. Not only will Shining keep you on edge the entire time, but it will also make you question how sane you are and what is the thin line between your demons and the rest of the world. Kubrick is famous for his ingenious ways of brining emotions to the screen in a never seen light, and Shining is nothing short of a masterpiece with Jack Nicholson channeling his inner psychopath wonderfully. The Changeling (1980) Here’s a movie that will make you sad and scared at the same time, thanks to its touching story and the horror that comes with it. Director Peter Medak found a way to bring his main character John Russell closer to the viewers, so that they would fear for him as he tackles the ghost of a boy haunting his house. We’re not sure who was the one the first figured out just how frightening children can be, but watching The Changeling on the Halloween will make you take a closer look at every child that comes trick-or-treating to your door. Watching scary movies on a Halloween is a great tradition that brings everyone closer together, even if it is out of fear no to be alone in the same room with a scary movie. All of these titles can be found on all big name media platforms such are Hulu and Netflix, and in case you’re not from the US, there are other ways you can gain access to these sites and enjoy some of these movies this Halloween.