Pokemon GO has taken over! I remember looking at my news feed and how it was just bombarded with the new Pokemon GO app. I was tired and annoyed of it at first. Then, I noticed a bunch of my friends were having a good time with it. My boyfriend ended up getting the app too and we caught a few Pokemon together. Then I decided to download it myself... I got hooked fast!


My favorite part about having the app is just actually getting out of my apartment - I use to go running every now and then before Pokemon, but adding the Pokemon GO app does make running a little more fun. It does give me more of a drive to actually go outside. A few friends and I decided to go Pokemon hunting around downtown Austin, TX last night. I'd love to share with you my finds & experience!

Check out my short vlog video of us exploring around downtown Austin & auditorium shores!

If you decide to explore around these Austin locations for hunting, I'd love to at least share what to expect from those areas.

Location: Downtown Austin / State Capital

  • Common Pokemon's you can expect around this area are lots of Eevee, Weedles, Zubats, some Golbats, Pidgey, Rattata, Pikachu (it liked to pop up every now and then. We noticed it was always in the same area, towards the East side of the capital)
  • A few high level Pokemon's appeared for me - I was able to catch a high level Magmar! The first time I encountered one, it ran away... Last night I was able to finally catch it!
  • This is just a personal opinion - Clefairy is SO STUBBORN. I came across this Pokemon twice near the capital and it ran away both times! It was very frustrating.
  • The capital at night is FILLED with people - I realized that it didn't matter what time of the day/night it was... You'll see a horde of people catching Pokemon!
Around the capital area, I was able to catch a few Eevee's to evolve one into a Flareon! I also evolved a Poliwag to a Poliwhirl & a Caterpie to a Metapod.

Location: Auditorium Shores

  • We arrived around 1 AM to this area - There were still a bunch of people out catching Pokemon.
  • Charmanders! Charmanders everywhere! At one point, my radar showed at least 5 Charmanders at the location. I'd definitely recommend this area if you're looking for any Charmanders.
  • I was able to evolve a few Eevee's from this location too - At the time I went, it was infested with Eevee's!
  • Magikarps were also popular in one of the areas by the water fountain.

By the end of the hunt, I went from a level 9 to an 11.5! It was seriously Poke-Stop galore downtown to the point where I had my bag full a couple of times from all the stuff I received. I'd like to say in total we achieved 2.5-3 miles of walking in total.


My updated top strongest Pokemon.

I'll be Pokemon hunting again with more friends soon and will continue to vlog the locations and share what is found there! I hope you guys enjoyed this first Poke-vlog - There will definitely be more to come!

How's your PokemonGO experience? Do you enjoy it? I'd love to know your stories!