This year, RTX 2016 fell on July 1st-3rd in Austin, TX. The event brought in 60,000+ attendees and had many new additions to see at the convention! Especially mixing in SGC to the event this year!


I was able to talk to a lot of great companies but didn't focus on doing full on interviews this year. I really wanted to enjoy my experience at the same time of talking to some people in the industry.

It was great catching up at the Streamer Central booth with GameWisp, Muxy and TwitchAlerts. These companies have been helping streamers improve their channels and it was nice to hear the new features they are releasing.

Never fails for me to stop by the Twitch booth at any convention - I did my regular tradition of signing my name tag with my Twitch handle & took a few official Twitch/RTX photos at their booth with my friends who attend the event this year.

One of the main events I was excited for at RTX this year was the Halo FFA tournament they were going to be hosting. The awesome Microsoft workers helping out at the Halo Wars booth gave us a few Halo Wars lanyards and talked to us about our streaming channels for a bit. It was nice of them to interact with us! I'm a sucker for anything that involves Halo! It was nice to see a lot more Halo related things this year at the event.


There was also a Halo tournament running throughout the RTX weekend - Congrats to the winners who won the final round.. Jared, Rammyy & Munoz! I've seen them play on stream before and they are some great Halo players!

I wasn't really playing a lot of games at the convention, but it was nice to take a quick H1Z1 break at the Daybreak booth... I always need to get my battle royale fix at any gaming event! It's such an addicting game. This year, RTX hosted their first H1Z1 Showdown - similiar to the showdown for TwitchCon but wasn't as big as that one.


It was really entertaining and fun to see Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, ScrewAttack, Kinda Funny and the Creatures fighting to be the winning team.

During the RTX weekend, we were also able to attend the Twitch Texas RTX party at Vulcan bar down on 6th street. It was nice to see other streamers interacting with each other and I got to say hello to a few familiar faces. I'll definitely be checking out more Twitch Texas events and hope to make more friendships with more local streamers here.

Even though it was a more casual RTX event for me this year, this year was definitely my favorite. It's great to see the event growing and having more additions to it. Like I've mentioned in previous RTX posts - I really enjoy being around the RT community! Looking forward to RTX 2017, already.