This year I'll be traveling a little bit more than what I did last year - hopefully. events-2016 I'd love to share with you a few conventions I'll be hitting up this year - Maybe I'll see you there?
  • January - PAX South 2016 in  San Antonio, TX
  • March - SXSW Gaming Expo 2016 in Austin, TX
    • I always catch myself going to SXSW events even when I tell myself not to waste any time around that stuff... But SXSW tends to take over ATX for a solid week so it's very unavoidable. The gaming expo usually has some great panels to see so I'll be sure to stop by and check things out again.
  • April - PAX East 2016 in Boston Massachusetts
    • This trip is still at a 60% chance thing. I've never been to Boston before so I think this would be a really amazing trip but it all comes down to funding!
  • July - RTX Event 2016 in Austin, TX
    • RTX is hands down one of my favorite yearly conventions to go to. Not only is it local for me, but each year has never disappointed me. This year should be awesome because they are joining forces with SGC!
  • July - Classic Game Fest 2016 in Austin, TX
    • This event is also home based for me and it's been growing every year! I'm actually excited to see what they have in store for this year since it keeps expanding.
  • August - PAX Prime 2016 in Seattle, Washington
    • Last year was my first PAX Prime experience and hands down, it was a great convention! I was able to meet a lot more streamers from Twitch and make some great connections. It's going to be tough trying to fit this convention in because it's a month before TwitchCon.
  • September - Austin Comic Con 2016 in Austin, TX
    • The last time I went to ACC was about 2 years ago - I found myself enjoying gaming conventions more than comic cons. This event isn't a for sure thing since it's a week before TwitchCon but it would be nice to go for a day to browse around :D
  • September - TwitchCon 2016 in San Diego, California
    • I was beating myself up for not going to TwitchCon last year! I already have almost everything booked for this trip so we are good to go! San Diego is always a beautiful place to visit, too :)
Yes, this list is very wishful. These are all the events I'd like to attend in 2016! Will you be going to any of these? Hope to see you there :)