PAX South was a few weeks ago - I'm a little late on writing this post but I finally put together my PAX video with a bunch of clips I took. This was the second PAX South hosted in San Antonio, TX. paxs16-02 It was different this year because we had one of our friends from out of state visiting Texas - Which was also his first gaming convention! Check out my video of a few clips I put together from the event.
Compared to last year, this convention felt bigger than the first one they hosted. They will most likely keep expanding as the years go on if they decide to keep hosting PAX South - A lot more people showed up to this convention, too. paxs16-01 This year was a whole different experience. Since I've been streaming a lot more and taking it as a more serious job, I've been wanting to connect with everyone I met on stream. It was amazing to meet a lot of people at the convention who hang out on my channel! It's made me more excited for future conventions to come - It's a different experience getting to know people online but to actually put a face to them in person is surreal. It was also great to reunited with friends I met at PAX Prime 2015 at the official Twitch Party Mixer! Time flies but it felt like it had only been a few days since I've last saw them! Sometimes I end up getting stream-withdrawals, so it was awesome coming & hanging out with everyone again after PAX!

Time to save up for PAX East - hope to see you guys there!