So this is my first post of 2016. I have ideas I'd like to share with stuff I'd love to accomplish for the year. Some of it may be ambitious - some of it may be simple. setup

All I know is, I want to accomplish more than what I did last year!

Personal Resolutions for 2016

  • Run at least 3 times a month
  • Travel more - Either to more conventions, visiting friends or taking spontaneous trips.
  • Work on more graphic design projects
  • Build up my design portfolio
  • Eat healthier
  • Eventually quit my day job & pursue streaming + designing full-time.
  • Find a place to call home - An apartment, etc. Resolutions

  • Blog/write more content.
  • Continue to hit more milestones on Twitch via subs & followers
  • Continue to grow an amazing community on Twitch
  • Upgrade my convention equipment - New smaller camera & laptop (easier for traveling & carrying)
  • Invest in a drawing tablet to make illustration work easier + expand my graphic skills.
  • Supporting more streamers/bloggers - I want to host more people, follow & read more blogs!
I'm sure this list will change during the year but I hope most of it will get accomplished or change for the better!

What New Year resolutions do you have or do any advice to share?