2015 is already coming to an end and it's definitely been one hell of an year. Honestly, this has probably been my most chaotic year and I mean that in a fantastic & bad way! I'll love to share with you my best moments during 2015 - Check it out, guys! The beginning of the year started off a little rocky because of a job situation but right after that it was my first PAX South event. Hands down, it was definitely a great convention & my friends and I had an amazing time. paxday1-01 Going to any time of convention is seriously one of my passions - I love to travel, meet new people and take in new experiences. 2015 was definitely my greatest year for traveling to new places & meeting new people who have made a huge impact in my life; even til this day. noblepartner At the end of 2014, I started laying off the Twitch world but decided to pursue it again after PAX South. I started up my Twitch grind and decided to make my channel a small part-time project/job. The grind paid off because I was picked up with Noble eSports - My amazing gaming family whom I'm extremely grateful & proud of. A little after that, I got partnered with Twitch.TV - Let inspired me to take my channel more seriously & maintain as my part-time job.

Here are also a few fun things that happened between the months:

  • Attended HavenCon & got to meet some fantastic local vendors! Check out GamersBeard & The Level Grind!
  • Also attended the SXSW Gaming Expo & other outside events like the Amy Poehler Smart Girls SXSW Event. I even met Felicia Day, one of my favorite female geek icons!
  • A friend invited me to the X-Games 2015! It was SO MUCH FUN! I'll definitely want to attend again next year!
  • During the summer, the Cedar Park Center invited me to the Video Game Live! Performance and it was a nice event! I was able to pick two giveaway winners and they were happy to attend the event, as well! I've had great opportunities to collaborate with different companies this year & I hope to collaborate with more in the future.
bo15-pp15 Lastly, my best memory from 2015 was traveling to Seattle, Washington to attend PAX Prime 2015. Hands down, this was my favorite convention I've been to. First of all, Seattle was a beautiful place & I hope to visit there again soon; Secondly, PAX Prime was a great experience and I was able to meet more Twitch streamers there. All in all, I've met some amazing people via Twitch who I can seriously consider some important people in my life. There have been many ups & downs but I've considered them as learning experiences - I still plan to move forward and learn from all of the negative experiences I've encountered this year. Other than that, I'm really excited to see how 2016 will turn out. It's time to grow for the better! I'll be making a 2016 goal post really soon to share what ideas I have planned for the new year! As for now, I hope everyone can look back at their 2015 with wonderful memories :)

See you guys in 2016! What was your best memory of 2015?