This past weekend I was at Seattle, Washington for my first PAX Prime '15. I've never been to the north-west area of the states so it was quite a scenery shock for me. seattle-06 The first day we arrived in Seattle, we decided to take advantage of sight-seeing since we flew up really early. Plus, we weren't able to check into our hotel until later in the evening. One of the first places we checked out was downtown Seattle. It was a great idea to get a rental car so we can explore a good amount of Seattle on our free time! The first place we checked out was the infamous Pikes Market. I work closely with flowers for my job so I was swooned by all the beautiful arrangements they had for sale! I wanted to take all of them back home. It seemed like the perfect day to explore downtown - The weather in Seattle was PERFECT the whole trip! Minus a few small showers, it was a great trip either way. On our last day of PAX Prime, we ended our trip with a short 2 hour cruise along the waters. Check out my video I put together with clips of the cruise! It was sooooooo nice!
Stay beautiful, Seattle. I hope to return to you next year for another PAX trip! I'll be uploading my PAX Prime video + post shortly.