RTX 2015 this year was yet again, another great one! I decided to take my role this year as more of a convention-goer than a busy-blogger needed to cover a bunch of media things. rtx15-01 Although I was accepted as media of the press, I really wanted to go in this year by just exploring around the convention and meeting/talking to some of the people there.

Check out my recap video of my RTX 2015 experience!

I saw a ton of amazing cosplay & got to speak with some people who work in the gaming industry. One of my favorite events was watching the Cosplay Contest. There were SO MANY fantastic cosplay outfits! In the video above, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the contest. rtx15-02
A very monumental moment at RTX was coming across the RWBY memorial for Monty Oum. There were thousands of signatures, artwork and pictures being taken around that monument. Thank you again, Monty, for everything you have done. Never forgotten! I was also able to catch a few panels - One of my favorite was the Achievement Hunter panel... Those guys are hilarious! It was a great to see everyone in that panel room having a great time and cracking up. I definitely went in as a RTX fan and left with a bunch of merchandise from the convention. My apartment is currently Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter-ed out! Sure, it may look like a little 12 year old boys living space but I am very happy with the outcome :) Love showing my support to RT!
Like I've said before, the Rooster Teeth community is by far one of my favorites. It's definitely a huge support group and everyone isn't afraid to show their common interest and be themselves. I'm happy and honored to say that I love living in the same city as Rooster Teeth. Thank you again guys for another amazing RTX experience - I look forward to attending the event next year.