I recently stumbled across a video called Halo VS Call of Duty on Facebook and decided to look into the master-minds behind the video. Racka Racka are "wannabe film-makers" who create crazy fun content! The level of production they put into their videos is literally OVER 9000! They are on a rampage!
After browsing around their YouTube channel, I just wanted to share some of my favorite (and their most popular) videos they've made.
Halo VS Call of Duty
This was the first video I saw from them - It was spreading through my Facebook feed really fast! Being a huge Halo fanatic, I knew I had to watch this video.
Harry Potter VS Star Wars
Marvel VS DC (Avengers Battle!)
They are pretty entertaining to watch - Like I said before, the amount of production going into these videos are insane. If you like what you see, check out their YouTube channel and Instagram for more content.