For this weeks Gamer Spotlight, I'd love to introduce you to StenRose! She is a streamer I met through mutual friends on Twitch and she is awesome!


Check out her interview and if you get a chance, follow her on Twitch and stop by one of her streams! Her streams are awesome to catch & chat in!

GH: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

SR: I am a graphic artist/illustrator, by official profession, but have been an avid gamer since about 6 years old. In general, I'm a big nerd. I worked at a comic book store from age 14-22, until I got hired as a full-time graphic artist. I feel that movie quotes and comic book references need to be worked into every day conversation, even when the people you're talking to won't have a clue.

GH: What passions do you have besides gaming?

SR: I have a passion for pranking my co-workers. I love inside jokes, and just to laugh in general. When not gaming, I love to draw/paint, play golf, hike, camp or go nap on a beach for a week. I also love a good bourbon.

GH: What game got you started in gaming and what is one of your favorite games to play?

SR: I played a bit of Atari as a wee girl, Frogger being my favorite. I think it wasn't until SuperNintendo that I was hooked - Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Cronotrigger, Super Mario World, and Mario Paint were ones I couldn't put down. When the Play Station was introduced, I saved up for my very own, and played Resident Evil over and over. These days I still love a good survival horror or RPG. Skyrim, to me, was just amazing and addictive. Bioshock rocked my world...I could go on. I think it depends on your mood for what your favorite is.

GH: What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

SR: Honestly, I was so excited when I reached 50,000g achievement score on Xbox, Though the 100% achievement goal for Left 4 Dead was hard won, and I wish I had a certificate for that to hang on my wall.

GH: Do you have any role models you look up to?

SR: I have always looked up to Teddy Roosevelt...the man was shot while giving a speech, but proceeded to finish it. He started out a sickly boy, but grew into a strong, capable leader. And he essentially founded of the National Parks in America — preserved land that is some of the more beautiful in the world.

GH: Just for fun, if you could become a video game character – What powers/characteristics would you want to have and what type of game?

SR: If I could be a video game character...I'd love to be a complicated anti-hero — like Booker from Bioshock, Ava Wong from the Resident Evil series, or John from Red Dead. I'd want agility and skill, quick reflexes, and strength of purpose. I don't need superpowers, just to be the one to save the day.

GH: How do you view the gaming industry? Especially for upcoming girls who are just starting out or want to get involved in the gaming community.

SR: I think the gaming industry hasn't quite caught on that roughly 50% of gamers are female, but really it has come such a long way. I think we are seeing more and more strong female characters, and such a wide array of game types. It may have a ways to go, but I feel encouraged by how far it has come since I first picked up a controller.

GH: How can we stay connected with you?

SR: You can find me on Twitter at, or on Twitch at

GH: Lastly, any advice you'd like to share for upcoming YouTubers/streamers/people trying to get involved in the gaming industry/etc.?

SR: I think you need to be patient, persistent and over all, resilient. I think it is a touch and critical world, and there is a lot of competition. Do it because you love it, and not because you are trying to be famous.

Be sure to check out Sten's networks to see her latest updates & what she is up too! Stay toon next week for another featured spotlight ♥