This past weekend I attended my first 10k marathon - The Austin Capital 10k. I've been wanting to have a better fitness lifestyle, even if it's just small work out routines. When I was looking into some fitness websites, I remembered a fantastic booth I had visited during HavenCon! One of the first booths I came across was The Level Grind. tuesdayfinds-thelevelgrind I was able to meet Philip, the founder of The Level Grind, who happened to be cosplaying as Handsome Jack from Borderlands! He is also a designer and is pursuing his own fitness journey as well.    tuesdayfinds-thelevelgrind04 The Level Grind is still up-&-coming, but he is already sharing some great fitness content! I'm looking forward to see this website expand and I'll definitely be snagging a few exercise routines to try out.
Here you’ll find workout routines for all skill levels (not just pushups either – remember, this should be fun!), tips for living healthy and clean without munching on nothing but lettuce, and fitness advice for the masses. I’m on my own personal fitness journey as well, and I’ll be sharing my experiences and thoughts with all of you as I progress. My goal with The Level Grind is to maintain a welcoming, body-positive atmosphere while still encouraging personal growth. If you’ve never really lifted weights before, or you have a tough time with more than one pushup, then you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of; it just means that you’re ready to start building yourself.
The Level Grinds content continues to grow and will focus on work out routines, exercise tips, challenges, dieting tips, and so much more!

One of his newest work out routines is "The Firehawk"! Click the link to check it out!

Lilith has always been my favorite character from Borderlands. She's so awesome looking so a work out routine dedicated to the Firehawk is very appealing!


Are you a runner? Check out his routine inspired by Mirror's Edge!


What I love about this website is the mixture of adding game related characters to exercise routines! It definitely makes it more appealing to work out!

Like I've mentioned before, the website is still up-&-coming but I can see it has amazing potential for any geek who is trying to stay fit! Be sure to follow @TheLevelGrind on twitter for their latest updates!