For this weeks gamer spotlight - Crazy & loud, avid social media user & Twitch streamer, I'd like to introduce you to GN4R! She gives great advice for anyone trying to get into the gaming industry. I love how down to earth &how she isn't afraid to express & be herself on stream.


Check out her interview!

GH: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: My name is Ashleigh, I'm 26 years old. I've been gaming pretty much my whole life, I met and married a guy that I met playing CS and moved to the USA three years ago. I live stream different games on Twitch, and am a pretty avid social media user. And I'm kind of loud and crazy, in a great way!

GH: What passions do you have besides gaming?

A: I read a lot, one of my biggest hobbies. I also really love anything to do with aromatherapy, kind of random.. but I have a knack for essential oils!

GH: What game got you started in gaming and what is one of your favorite games to play?

A: Started with some Nintendo and PS1, and then transitioned on to CS and other PC games in 1999. My dad brought home CS when I was 11 and I used to sit and watch him play for hours, one day I asked if I could try.. and he could never get me off the computer again.

GH: Any upcoming projects or projects you are currently involved in?

A: Nothing super crazy, at the moment I am open to any opportunity that life throws at me. I would love to be involved in the industry in some way eventually, but for now I'm focused on challenging myself to learn new and different games, game styles and broadening myself and my knowledge as a gamer.

GH: What's your highest gaming accomplishment?

A: I'm not entirely sure I have any "gaming accomplishments" per say, but something that will stand out in my mind forever was the first time I was recognized from my stream at an event.

A: I've been asked a few times to take pictures or sign something for someone and it completely blows my mind every time, that anyone would know who I was or recognize me or want me to sign their stuff just because of my stream. Crazy!

GH: Just for fun, if you could become a video game character – What powers/characteristics would you want to have and what type of game?

A: Personally, I fell in love with the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 immediately when she came out. She's sassy, has an awesome robot arm, and had her own robot THAT SHE BUILT that just follows her around and they just kick butt together - I would definitely be her.

GH: How do you view the gaming industry? Especially for upcoming girls who are just starting out or want to get involved in the gaming community.

A: The gaming industry as a whole is a massively growing and changing one where you need to hold on to your pants because the next bigger and badder thing is JUST around the corner. I find it one of the most exciting and challenging industries there is. Everyone wants a piece and everyone is willing to fight for it. To me, gaming started out as something I did now and then, then became a serious hobby, then became a job, and at least at this point in my life I don't see gaming ever leaving my life completely. But in saying that, finding yourself and your niche within the industry is difficult. My advice is to experiment and find something you enjoy, whether it's YouTube content, vlogs, streaming, game testing - whatever.. and run with it! Don't be afraid. Just go for it! You will be very surprised how welcoming and helpful people can be once you start putting yourself out there!

GH: How can we stay connected with you?

A: Easiest ways are:

  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (@GN4Rcandy)
  • Facebook group is all strictly gaming related and Twitter is kind of whatever comes out of my brain and other random stuff. So whatever floats your boat! I always answer messages and tweets!

GH:Lastly, any advice you'd like to share for upcoming YouTubers/streamers/people trying to get involved in the gaming industry/etc.?

A: I feel like for most people starting out it's very intimidating, everyone wants to find something unique and interesting so that they stand out vs the masses - and especially as females it can be very hard to not to fall into the "gamergirl" persona. But for me I've found that very truly being yourself, being honest, and being real is the best strategy. It's so easy to be someone else online, but to really be yourself and stand up for what you believe in and to be relate-able brings on the best experiences online and in person. Don't be afraid to talk to people, chat up a storm - people love that! And really just have fun doing what you're doing, if you love what you do - other people will too.

Oh yeah, and to all those people that laughed and said being a nerd was a bad thing, now you can tell them to stick it! - Nerd it up, nerd it up always.

Be sure to check out GN4R’s networks to see her latest updates & what she is up too! Stay toon next week for another featured spotlight ♥