This past weekend I attended HavenCon which introduced me to some great organizations & companies. One of those was Gamers Beard! review-gb

(Awesome GamersBeard swag from HavenCon)

When I was looking at the exhibitors & guest lists for the convention, I saw Gamers Beard would be attending so I decided to check out what it was.
Gamers Beard is a website that helps professional and amateur gamers manage their gaming careers, connect with other gamers, and find an esports team.
review-gb01 It was a very satisfying moment creating a profile - You get to set up & share all your gaming skills, social networks, display your gaming experiences & so much more. I immediately was able to find connections near my area & interact with people on my 'social wall'. Background: "Gamers Beard was originally founded in June, 2014 by Erik Wantland, an entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Erik was later joined in July, 2014 by co-founder Rob Davis, also from San Antonio. Both Erik and Rob have extensive experience in business, web development, and the gaming community." How It Began: "Gamers Beard started off as a simple idea that was discussed with several fellow gamers early in 2014. Erik and Rob wanted to create something that would allow gamers to connect and hone their skills."
GamersBeard is still in 'beta' mode, but I can see it has amazing potential as it continues to grow with new members! If you're a gamer that would love to flaunt their skills & meet new people around your location (or just in general), sign up and start interacting. I highly recommend joining in on this website.
I'm excited to see this website grow.
Happy Monday!