I'd love to introduce to you my newest segment on GirlHero.net called "Gamer Spotlight"! Ever since I've been introduced to the world of Twitch, I've come across some amazing streamers. I've been wanting to start this section up on my blog to promote and feature streamers weekly.
For my first Gamers Spotlight, I'd love to introduce you to Kennigma ♥! I absolutely love how passionate she is for gaming, cosplaying and creating some awesome art! Check out the interview below.

GH: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

K: "My name is Kenni but I go by Kennigma (Ken-nig-ma) online. I stream video games, play board/rpg games, blog and cosplay."

GH: What passions do you have besides gaming?

K: "I am such an art geek! I bounce between acrylic painting, costume creation, digital painting, cross-stitch, and miniatures/model painting. I consume massive amounts of sci-fi and moderate amounts of Marvel comics and shojo Anime. I'm also a huge animal lover."

GH: What game got you started in gaming and what is one of your favorite games to play?

K: "I started gaming pretty young. My father cleaned a daycare when I was growing up and one night they left the original Mario Party running. My parents bought a Nintendo 64 for my brother (grr!!) but I was better than him so I always ended up with the controller on single-player games. Currently I am really enjoying Blizzard's new Heroes of the Storm! Historically I have always been a big Halo fan but I am very disappointed with the current franchise."

GH: Any upcoming projects or projects you are currently involved in?

K: "I am currently building my first set of armor for a Destiny cosplay. Right now I'm working on my Hunter's Crest of Alpha Lupi. It is a very detailed chest piece so it may have been a little ambitious for my piece of armor. The progress has been a little slow due to the chilly weather but I do like how it is turning out. This was the very first step after I heated the foam and molded the breasts over two wiffle balls:

I am also volunteering for Iron Gaming Atlanta, an upcoming Halo tournament. I used to run production / live streams for various tournaments but this will be my first tournament in quite awhile. I have no idea what I'll be doing in Atlanta but even if I'm just reffing I'm sure I'll have a blast. =]"

GH: What's your highest gaming accomplishment? K: "I don't know that it was really an accomplishment but I enjoyed destroying a local tournament a few years ago. My friend Molly and I dominated the Halo 4 doubles tournament because it was obvious that none of them played. I was trying to make them feel better so I agreed to play the CoD FFA, expecting to get shut down because they claimed to have played it, and ended up winning the whole thing. I never play Call of Duty so it was pretty funny."

GH: Do you have any role models you look up to?

K: "Felicia Day is my geeky role model. She's extremely funny, creative, and manages to stay positive while in the limelight. Plus she's a gorgeous redhead, so that never hurts!"

GH: Just for fun, if you could become a video game character – What powers/characteristics would you want to have and what type of game?

K: "Oooh, a game like Skyrim! All the appeal of the old world without the disease, extreme poverty and patriarchy. But I'd have to go with magic, especially restoration magic, for my powers. I am so over these chronic tummy aches! Haha."

GH: How do you view the gaming industry? Especially for upcoming girls who are just starting out or want to get involved in the gaming community.

K: "It may be the online games I play but I find it very toxic for both genders. I have developed very thick skin but I wish it wasn't necessary. I occasionally have these moments where I just ask myself, "What am I even doing in this garbage?" But those moments pass and there is no way I could quit right now. I love what I do and I love all the wonderful people I have met through streaming and tournaments."

GH: How can we stay connected with you?

GH: Lastly, any advice you'd like to share for upcoming YouTubers/streamers/people trying to get involved in the gaming industry/etc.?

K: "Do it because you love it! Twitch is extremely competitive and not an easy buck by any means. I feel terrible when people spend a lot of money setting up a stream, pull in less than ten viewers a night and then give up. Be realistic with your viewership expectations and be careful when investing your hard earned money! And never compare yourself to another streamer, or let yourself become jealous or petty. Try to avoid the Twitch drama and support other streamers when you can!"

Be sure to check out Kennigma's networks to see her latest updates & what she is up too! Stay toon next week for another featured spotlight ♥