The other day at work I purchased this Xbox One controller. First thing that drew me in was the price + knowing I could get a discount on it from work. Another thing was knowing it was a wired controller! review-spectra01 It's called the Spectra Illuminated Controller & it sure does look beautiful when it's on. A friend of mine suggested streaming the unboxing on my stream - When I tried doing that, my green screen made everything look wonky because of the green in the packaging & controller.
I decided to do a simple blog post review instead.
review-spectra02 Controller features:
  • 15 different LED colors
  • 4 brightness settings
  • Illumination Modes
  • Separate Lighted Areas
  • Impulse Triggers & Dual Rumble Motors
  • 9.8ft (3m) Cable
I used the controller today for the first time during my stream and play a good amount of Halo with it. I read on other reviews that people had trouble playing with it and needed to break in the controller. None of the buttons felt stuck to me - Maybe it was a small defect on a few, but mine is running quite well. CONS for controller:
  • There is NO audio plug-in for a headset. I think this is a major downside to this controller. It looks and feels great & would've been perfect if it were able to have a headset plugged in for chat.
  • If you play with the controller for TOO long, it can over heat. The insides can get easily damaged.
Just wanted to share a small review on this controller. I am liking it alot so far! I do recommend it if you want a cheaper spare controller. Wireless Xbox Controllers usually run $60 - This is a wired controller & even though it doesn't have a headset plug, it's still a useful spare. Currently $44 on Amazon.

Rating: 4/5