I don't stream as often as I would like to - But when I do, I like to keep my stream updated with the best features. One nifty website that I just recently found out is TwitchAlerts. I wish I found out about this sooner! twitch101-twitchalerts If you are a beginner on Twitch or just haven't heard of this website, I suggest you look into it :) It has some great features for your stream. First thing you'll notice when you 'Connect Your Twitch' with TwitchAlerts is your dashboard. Here you will see your latest followers, subscribers and donations. twitch101-ta02 Some of the features I like using on TwitchAlerts are their AlertBox widget & Stream Labels. These are great features for alerting your stream on who recently followed/subscribed/donated.
If you stream with OBS, you can also use the CLR Browser Source Plugin and the widget URL for a more seamless integration.
After you install the CLR Browser (which I highly recommend doing than the Windowed Capture), you simply put that URL address it gives you on the Alert Box page in your CLR Browser. For a better understanding of the CLR Browser for OBS, check out this link. twitch101-ta03 Here is an example of a New Followers Alert popping up on my stream. With my Stream Labels feature, I added a Recent Followers label, Followers Count labelrecent donations label. twitch101-ta04. For a much better understanding on how to use Stream Labels, check out this helpful video tutorial!
This post would be endless if I went into great detail of all the features TwitchAlerts has to offer - I just shared the ones I'm currently using. Other features it offers:
  • Donations Ticker - Show of your most recent donations to your viewers
  • Donations Goal - A really cool widget that show how close you are to reaching your donation goal.
And your dashboard is your hub to see all your recent progress from your stream. I highly recommend using this website for those wanting to adding cool features to their streams. If you need any help with any of the widgets/features I mentioned above that I have used, feel free to ask me for help!