I've been planning out my blog posts for the whole month. I started looking into some great Google Doc calendar templates and then started looking into planners I can carry around with me to jot down notes. tuesdayfinds-ruskerville01 Etsy is always my go-to place for looking for unique finds. I stumbled across Ruskerville who make some geeky-designed planners!
I specialize in making simple and well-designed planners! Check out our Harry Potter planners and various geek-inspired designs. Currently, Doctor Who and Sherlock designs are being revamped! They'll be available soon!
These are my absolute favorite designs they have! Harry Potter + Sherlock + Doctor Who! They have some great pattern ones as well. I love all the little details they put into their planners. It makes them more enjoyable and eye-catching. They offer Large, Medium & Divination planners.
tuesdayfinds-ruskerville05 tuesdayfinds-ruskerville06
If you guys are looking for some planners with geeky personalities, I recommend checking out their shop. 
It's a very satisfying feeling knowing you have planned ahead for your blog and have a set schedule of what to post. I've been trying to make it work for awhile while I juggle my part time job + freelancing jobs. So far, I've been doing pretty well with keeping my calendar updated & consistent.

What methods do you use to keep a blogging schedule?

Happy planning!