I tell myself every year that I'll stop going to SXSW events - just because of all the chaos, traffic, horrific parking, money being spent going, etc... Yet I'll still find myself every year making a schedule of events I want to go see! I'd love to share with you guys a few things I'm looking forward to seeing this year for SXSW. Since there is so much going on on every corner of Austin during this event, I'm sure I'll stumble across something else to add on to the list of things I'll be seeing. 

SXSW Gaming Expo 2015 - Sponsored by Activison & Twitch

This will be my third year going to the Gaming Expo.

Check out my video from the 2014 expo.

Best thing about the expo is that it's free for all to attend! I'm hoping to interview a few game developers and get some footage on some of the panels. TellTale Games will be there so I'd love to share any new info on games they'd be talking about or just their games in general! It's also a great expo to try out a few new games coming out, new gaming technology & just meeting some great people that work in the industry.

Nerdist + Geek & Sundry + Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

I use to be an intern for Amy Poehler's Smart Girls when I was in college. Now they are teamed up with Nerdist & will be hosting an event during SXSW!


I'm a little sad I can't make it to any of the Friday events because of work but here's a few panels I want to see that they will be hosting.

  • Felicia Day will be discussing her new book
  • Adult Beginners Panel - Nick Kroll and Ross Katz, the star and director of SXSW filmAdult Beginners, will join Nerdist Editor-In-Chief Brian Walton in conversation about the pair’s new film, comedy, and their careers.
  • Professional Lady People Panel -  Meredith Walker and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls present the Professional Lady People Panel.
  • Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Takeover & Dance Party
Rooster Teeth Live Podcast Stream
Two years ago, my friend and I were able to sit in the audience for a live Rooster Teeth podcast w/ Chris Hardwick.
Hang out with the RT gang as they stream one of the Internet's most beloved podcasts live at the Fullscreen Space. Anything can and will happen.
Need I say anything more? I love the Rooster Teeth guys! It should be a hilarious podcast.

SXSW Music Showcases

There's most likely going to be a band playing on every single corner during SXSW. I have a list of bands I'd love to see but I know it won't be realistic for me since I don't have a badge. In case anyone is interested in some free showcases, check out this list! I might try and catch a few of these bands + a few others on my list. There is only hope!


SXSW Film Festival

The only thing I really want to see for the film festival is the full movie trailer release for Lazer Team. That's my only main focus for the film festival. I'm sure it will get released for the public a little after SXSW, but it would be awesome to see it first-hand!

This is the first trailer they released. The full move trailer will be epic!

I'm sure more stuff will come my way during SXSW week. As of now, these are my highlights :) I already have my camera charged up and it's go-to-go for the expo tomorrow. Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to see my latest posts! I'll be sure to have footage and wrap ups of the events I go to.

T G I F!