I've been dying to share this review with you guys! I've had a blast testing out and exploring what this program can do. FaceRig was gifted to me by Twitch streamer, YoWutIs *♥* and it's seriously a very cool and fun program - Very unique. review-facerig What is FaceRig? It's a program that allows anyone with a webcam to digitally embody an avatar/character they want to be. FaceRig is currently still in Beta mode and needs a little bit more development. The idea behind the program is really cool though!
FaceRig began as an evenings and weekends project for us; we were wishing that there was more we could do with the characters we inhabit when playing games. Most of the time we use them for a while, mostly just to kick some butt, then we finish the games and abandon the characters sooner or later. In this discussion a lot of 'what if's were born, that got us really excited.

The character I chose has the capabilities to mimic my movements.

Here are some PROS for this program:

  • The Beta version currently offers you to choose from different characters ranging from being a cheeseburger (yes, a cheeseburger character), to animals like cats, dogs, tigers, anime characters and different types of people.
  • Once you pick a character you can start changing their settings and customizing their colors & features to personalize it to your liking.
  • Ability to change the background settings, lighting, sound settings, etc..
  • There's still lots of room for improvement - And it looks very promising.


Just a few CONS for this program:

  • The tracking tends to be a little off every now and then.
  • From what the developers have stated, the program still has some defects & missing features.
  • Sometimes... It just doesn't work correctly.
Check out their unveiling trailer! It'll give you a better idea of how the FaceRig works in motion. I can't wait to see all the problems and bugs fixed! Once it starts working flawless, the possibilities of this program could be endless. I can see myself using this program while I stream a few games - I can finally be a cheeseburger streaming some Halo while talking to my chat room.
Rating: 4/5 gamerating-4of5