As a part time florist, I'm very intrigued with always having fresh new flowers on my table every week. Not only to have my dining area looking nice, but also because I love experimenting with new flower combinations! geekyflowers01 After a while, I started realizing how much I've been spending with jazzing up my dining area. I started looking into alternative ideas after looking at a few eclectic indie shops in downtown Austin. The ideas started flowing... I'd love to share with you a few alternative table decorations that would make any geek happy!

8-Bit Flower Bouquet by [ThinkGeek]

A very simple 8-bit flower bouquet for your geek space. This would look great on a smaller table - especially for those who live in a smaller space. It can be a great vocal point in the room! Great thing about this lovely bouquet?.. It'll never need water ;)


Paper Bouquets

It's time to get a little crafty. Paper bouquets are a great DIY project to make for your living space. Upon browsing for images, I saw some amazing arrangements I'd love to try! Another benefit for having paper bouquets would be the long-lasting result. Unlike real flowers were you'd have to constantly change out/water/maintain, paper bouquets can be an on-going project in creating new designs.


I found that looking at bridal paper bouquets had the BEST results! Here are some DIY tutorials for making paper bouquets:

The results can be endless with all different times of outcomes! Try making a few flower bouquets with comic books, perhaps? It would be pretty stellar.

Lego Flower Arrangements

Not too fond of cutting out paper flowers? Why not build an arrangement instead! Lego's can be great for creating some colorful flower arrangements. It'll take a little bit of your architecture and engineering skills to be used but the results are so geeky-chic! Even at an older age, building with Lego's will always be nice passing time.


Hopefully these will give you some inspiration to jazz up your work-space/dining table/etc. A lot of these can be great projects to work on when you have down time or a couple of friends over :)

Happy Saturday!