Rock Band 4 is coming to PS4 & Xbox One!

March 5th, 2015
You heard about the rumors... well, it's all true! Harmonix just confirmed that Rock Band 4 is in the works and will be released later on this year! rockband4-harmonix It's time to get your old band back together and start rocking out for endless hours again.
For years you have been asking us the same question: “When will Rock Band return?” For years you have been unified in solidarity with one single demand: “Give us a new Rock Band!” Well, today, my friends, is your day. “Give us a new Rock Band!” Okay. You win. We’ll do it. “When will Rock Band return?” Oh I dunno, HOW ABOUT THIS YEAR? 2015! That’s right. Later this year, Rock Band 4 comes to Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4, and it will support all your previously purchased downloadable content (aka YOUR MUSIC) as we release them on next gen consoles! - Harmonix
I literally streamed Rock Band 2 a few days ago on my Twitch channel - The nostalgia is real, guys. I'm beyond stoked to see a new Rock Band game being released! Things To Look Forward To On RB4
  • Harmonix will be teaming up with Mad Catz to bring new instruments!
  • 2,168 songs to be released
  • It will continue to support all the music your purchased in the previous games!
  • "To celebrate the long-awaited announcement of Rock Band 4, Harmonix is offering a free downloadable track. “I Still Believe,” recorded by UK-based songwriter Frank Turner for his fourth EP, Rock & Roll, is available now for download today, free of charge, on PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360®." - Harmonix
And here's one more awesome thing to throw at you... If you're attending PAX East in Boston this upcoming weekend (March 06-08th), you can pre-order an Exclusive Penny Arcade themed-guitar at their booth, #4224. Now I wish I was able to attend the event! The guitar looks sick! paxexclusiveguitar

Image via Harmonix

For more information, check out Harmonix's blog post they released today on their announcement!

Stay rockin'.


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  • Cooooooool! I’d like to try this. ^^

    • You should! Have you played the previous games before? :)

      • No I have not, and I somehow have the feeling I am missing out big time… lol

  • I CANOOT wait for this! I actually got my old guitar out a couple weeks ago and played one day for about 5 hours straight! LOL I love that game and cannot wait for a new one! xx

    • Lol, awesome! I can’t wait for the new one either. I’m dying to see all the new instruments they’ll be releasing!

  • Nice twitch stream by the way ^^

    • Thanks for stopping by! :D

  • OMG! SOOO awesome that I won’t have to re-buy songs!
    I will ALWAYS stand by their side as long as they continue to do this! I wish i could just hug Harmonix/powers-that-be for that one! My husband and I just read that and we each yelled “Whoo-hoo!”…no joke!