SDCC 2015: Should I Go For Just One Day?

February 22nd, 2015
What a morning! Today was the public registration for SDCC 2015. This is my third time going through the process & I'll never stop hating it (*So much anxiety*). Apparently, this year it hit a fast record of selling out within just below an hour - That's insane! SDCC15-01 After waiting in the waiting room which seemed like forever, I was getting completely discouraged about getting tickets. Every update seemed to look like a slimmer chance...
"Preview Night running low... Preview night is sold out... Saturday tickets running low... Saturday tickets sold out... Etc."
Then they announced Thursday being sold out. I remember telling my friend, "Watch us actually get into the waiting room and have to make the choice of whether we go for just Sunday or not."... Then, BAM! I was out of the waiting room and into the next step of purchasing tickets. We ended up getting ONLY Sunday tickets. We thought, 'Hey, if we don't go, we only lost $70 compared to planning a whole trip just for Sunday." Now here's the thing we are still debating - Is it worth going to San Diego, California for ONE SDCC day? I know there's a BUNCH of free outside events and SDCC events happening around that time, but it would definitely take a lot of planning to make it worth the travel. SDCC15-02 Congrats to those who were able to get the SDCC tickets they wanted :) If you were in the same boat as us, would you try and make a trip over to San Diego or plan another (cheaper) trip elsewhere? Our second option was to make a trip to Universal Studios if we didn't go to SDCC. I'd love to know your thoughts, advice, outside SDCC events or whatever you have to offer as feedback.

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  • YES! It’s worth it! Go…for next year at least!
    Second, I’ll be there, and I’d love to shake your hand! There’s plenty to do outside of SDCC, including beaches, the BEST mexican food (which isn’t in downtown SD btw). The blogger party the Nerdy Girlie is helming, and, VACATION!
    Sunday is ALSO likely to have Doctor Who as last year didn’t
    GO! Plan on doing more than just SDCC…ALL of California’s beaches are free, and NONE are private!

    • Also, though I’ve been relocated to FL, I’m a San Diego native so if you have any questions, let me know! I’ve got recommendations! Like the zoo, the museums, Coronado, Old Town, the Del Mar fair (though, I think they close on the 4th or 5th of July) and other things! I hope you go! :D

      • I went to SDCC last year and had a really great time (only minus the loooong lines!) but San Diego was beautiful. The weather was awesome and the food was great!

        My friend and I were able to be in the live studio audience for @Midnight – So I’m hoping I can find stuff like that for the other days to extend the trip. I’m still debating :(

  • Tre Goolsby

    I think you should attend every convention that you can possibly attend and continue to post these amazing blogs for us! lol

    • :D I really do enjoy going to cons and writing about them – I’ll most likely consider going :)

  • I think it’s worth it, definitely! SDCC is an amazing experience, and literally any day (even just one) is going to be good. Also, if you want to make the trip more worth it, go the day before and maybe hit some nightlife near the convention and mingle with some fellow nerds! So fun :)

    • Yes, definitely. I’m looking into a lot of outside stuff and other events to make the trip more worth-while. … Just having a hard time looking for things because some stuff hasn’t been announced yet. There is hope!

  • I went last year without tickets and found so much to do outside of the con! I think studios/television are starting notice that so they create things outside, no badge required! NerdHQ was a fun one for me! There’s also Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, beaches, and good food!

    • I liked the NerdHQ – that was really fun to go to. And that’s awesome you still went even without a badge. Maybe just having one day won’t be too bad. Last year I had a Thursday and Sunday badge and it was a bunch of craziness at the actual convention. I’ll look into the other amusement parks as well – Didn’t think about going to those!

      • We had such a fun time during our mini vacation that it didn’t hit us that we didn’t have badges! I think you will find things to do while in So Cal!