Your stream will encounter many different types of user interaction. You will encounter different user interactions from people wanting to discuss game content, building communities & friendships, or the occasional rude troll that likes to bombard the chat with pointless messages. It's time to get some mods to help you maintain your stream! What are the purpose of moderators? Moderators help contain your chat when you are occupied within a game. They are the soldiers that help to ensure that the chat is meeting the standards of the broadcaster by removing any unwanted messages & posts that derogates the conversations. badge_mod A mod will be recognizable by having a green sword displayed right next to their username. I'd like to share a few different wants on picking the right mods for your channel, along with some tips & advice.
  • A great way to pick a moderator is to see who follows and respects the rules of your channel.
  • The key is always communicating with your mods - Let them know what you'd want immediately removed and what is okay to be posted.
  • Trust is important! You want to make sure you're leaving your chat in good hands & can depend on your mods to moderate whenever you're occupied.
  • Dedicated viewers - The best moderators can come from dedicated viewers who love stopping by your stream. Those who show admiration, channel loyalty and respect for your channel will be great candidates.
  • You'd also want to pick those who won't abuse power - Power-hungry mods can cause an uproar & potentially have you losing followers.
  • Keep your mods in the loop - Show them the Twitch commands they are allowed to use! Mods can have special commands only they can use and share in the chat. is a great plugin for creating custom commands.
  • Give mod shout-outs during your stream! Let them know you appreciate them!
Lastly, don't go "mod-crazy" and knight everyone as a moderator. The Twitch Moderation Guide has a great estimate on how many mods are ideal for your channel.
How many moderators should we have?
This greatly depends on the level of chat in your channel. For smaller channels (< 1 text line per second on average), adding moderators as you need them is best practice. Having 2-3 mods active at any time is good. Medium channels (< 5 lines of text per second) should have an active mod for every ~200 viewers. Large channels, it is best practice to employ the use of automated moderation and have mods that interact with chat, and that manage bot filters. One active mod per every 600 viewers is average for this type of moderation and channel size.

Hope these tips help you out on picking moderators for your stream! :)