It's been a few months already since I've moved into this new apartment. I just wanted to share an updated post on my work/geek/play-space. If you remember my previous post, I had a different set up going on. I do miss that big pink chair. 5ff-items-06 It's not completely finished... I still need to hang a few posters & art prints on the walls around me - But for now, it's coming together! As of right now, my work area is in a little nook off the side of our living room. On great thing about it is that it came with a built-in desk and shelves. It's really needed since I have a bunch of my geeky items. 5ff-items-03

These are some of my favorite items I love displaying.

How does your work-space look like? If you have a link to a post sharing your space, I'd love to see it! :) I'll definitely updated more pictures when I start posting art on the wall around me.

Happy Monday! :)