PAX South 2015

January 26th, 2015
PAX South weekend was crazy fun! I left after work on Thursday to San Antonio and stayed with a good friend of mine. I can honestly say I got a good 12 hours of sleep all weekend - So much festivities during PAX. paxday1-01 I just want to share a few highlights during my trip. My body is still trying to recovering from all the walking around + lost of sleep + our after-PAX night festivities.

A few highlights from PAX

  • Being around Twitch streamers & meeting some of my Twitch friends in real life.
  • Getting free Gearbox/Borderlands exclusive PAX pins
  • Scoring a Pikachu cardigan from the WeLoveFine booth! It sold out so fast.
  • Also scoring a Mad MoXXXi beer glass before it sold out!
  • Meeting a bunch of fantastic cosplayers! I especially loved the Borderlands ones I saw like The Mechromancer, Dr. Zed & Mad Moxxi.
  • Attending some great panels!
I was able to play a few games at PAX, get some freebies & enjoy the gaming environment. I even saw a few famous YouTubers at the event like Mark Plier and Angry Joe.

Check out my PAX event video with clips I took around the convention.

Overall this was a great PAX experience and I'm glad I was able to attend it's first event in Texas. I'll be sure to go next year and I hope to see more of my blogger & streamer pals!

Happy Monday, guys ♥

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  • B.

    It sounds like you had a great time! Glad you were able to grab what you wanted before it sold out!

    • Thanks, B! It was definitely a good con.

  • Nice!! I finally got to go to PAX last year and had a ball. Sounds like South was just as amazing. Glad you got all the goodies you wanted!

    • Thanks! I’d love to goto other PAX events – Like East & Prime!

  • I love that PAX has more than one Con, and, in different locations! I wish SDCC (as far as it’s premieres, collectible exclusives, and guests) would do the same!

    • It would be amazing for SDCC to expand locations. PAX was a great con!

  • Looks like it was fun! ^___^ I would love to attend PAX one day.