I love finding out about Austin based crafters! My last trip to Dragon's Lair had me looking at all the local vendors creative items they sale. tuesdayfinds-geekfirelabs I came across these geeky-cute lip balms. I grabbed one of the business cards and looked up their Etsy shop - They have SO MANY designs! Especially from our favorite fandoms like Doctor Who, comic book characters and so much more. tuesdayfinds-geekfirelabs01
Welcome to Geek Fire Labs, where you'll find a delightful array of alchemical concoctions, balms, oils and brews inspired by pop culture, books and other flights of fantasy! ALL my lip balms and perfume oils are 100% cruelty-free - no animal testing, EVER. We love and respect all animals and furbabies!
Each lip balm has their own unique scent! It really personalizes the lip balm - The scents are really fantastic! What I also find special about their lip balms is that all the artwork was done 100% by the shop owner. It just makes it so much more special knowing and seeing all the hard work she's done. tuesdayfinds-geekfirelabs02
Sailor Moon Lip Balm - Moon Prism Power, Make Up! Description: Smells like a savory vanilla cupcake topped with swirling pink frosting and sprinkles - Usagi would LOVE this!
I love supporting local Austin artists! This is my first 2015 giveaway - Enter for your chance to win a GeekFireLabs lip balm of your choice! :) This giveaway is only for US participates - as of now. a Rafflecopter giveaway

These lip balms are the perfect gift to give to someone who has geeky-fandoms!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed this find I've shared!