My last 2014 day was filed with lots of exploring in Arizona! We are here visiting my sister and her boyfriend who got job offers here. I'm surprised how cold the weather is here - I was hoping for some warming weather, but nonetheless it's been a great trip. 02

Feeling so awesome at the top of a scenic spot!

We started off our day with eating at Matt's Big Breakfast - a huge eating hot spot in Phoenix, Arizona. As a design major, I'm in love with their choice of typography, colors & interior design. This place definitely has a great vibe to it! 01 11

David (sisters boyfriend), my sister & I outside of Matt's Big Breakfast


My sister took us to an area where you can basically see the Arizona scenery from a lot of angles. It was a little chilly and rainy but it made the mountains have a very eerie-feel to them. 04

Later on that night we went to the Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo!

05 All the lights in the park were in shapes of animals, insects and other majestic creatures! It was really beautiful and magical to look at. I took way more images but I didn't want to make the post so image heavy :) If you're ever in Phoenix around the holidays, you should definitely check out this attraction. Tomorrow we head back to Texas - a very long 14 hour drive. I'm happy my parents had a great time in Arizona, plus it is also my dads birthday today (Lucky to be a New Year baby!) They were happy with everything my sister showed us around Arizona and I hope we can make a future trip happen - Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer!

How did you guys start off the new year? :D Happy Thursday!