The year is finally coming to an end! Just want to share the best moments for GirlHero :) I'm happy to see how far my blog has grown and I have more plans for it for 2015! bogh

Let's begin!

That one time I got accepted for my first press badge and it was for RTX 2014! I was able to interview awesome people, like Isaac from Iron Galaxy & get to attend the official 343 Industries Halo party! julyevents-01 The first year I went to San Diego Comic Con! It was also my first time in California :) It was a great first-time experience and I even ran into The Nerdy Girlie, shot great footage of the con, and had a fun time with my friends. sdcc-sat-01 My most viewed video on my YouTube channel was my RTX Cosplay video & my Excalibur Unboxing video!
That time my friends and I got to be extras for the upcoming Rooster Teeth movie, Lazer Team! I'll never forget how cold it was those nights filming - Such a crazy experience! bogh-rtfilm Lastly, growing my Twitch channel. I'll most likely never turn into a full-time streamer, but the times I do stream I always have a good time! I've meet some great people on Twitch and I'm happy to see my channel continue to grow. I love all my 440+ viewers & hope to grow from that!
I'd also love to give a shout out to Darika, the AWESOME gal who drew the image of me that I've been using around my websites. She is a fantastic artist who happens to also love Warframe :)
Just to not make this post so image-heavy, here are some other highlights from my year!
  • Attended Dallas Comic Con 2014 & met Karen Gillan of Doctor Who & Stephen Amell from Arrow ♥
  • Meeting Kate Leth at Austin Books and Comics for ladies night! I was able to bump into Mia Moore, as well :)
  • Had a great time in Arizona - My sister had me hike up a mountain & I managed to make it to the top!
  • Saw Lindsey Stirling & Brand New at Stubb's in Austin :)
I know this post has gotten lengthy but I think my biggest accomplishment was getting myself out of a bad place in the middle of the year - Everything seemed to go downhill for MANY reasons but I made sure to get myself back up. I pushed myself at the end of this year to make sure I'd a better start on the new year and found myself a new full-time job, a great apartment and just being able to keep a positive environment around me.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year & a great one! I also hope all your resolutions come true :) ♥

Happy New Years!