I'm sorry I've been a little distant from Girlhero.net. I've been dying to post up as many entries as I can with all the things I've been up to lately & with things I've been finding worth sharing! 15ilvp

And as a fair warning, this post might be a little lengthy :)

So today is Christmas. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their families, opening up gifts and having memorable moments. I'm spending my Christmas today with my room mate. We weren't able to go back home to visit our families since work was a factor. So far we've made a fantastic breakfast, played a few games & watched a couple of Psych episodes (Still love rewatching ANY episode of that show!) 15ilvp-01 What's also been keeping me from being able to be with my family for the holidays is that I've been focusing on making 2015 a better year for me. After my grandma past away last month, I've been seeing a different outtake on how I've been running my life. I've been restless, unhappy & need change. She always believed in my sister & I on whatever choices we made & saw us achieving great things. I miss her. 15ilvp-02 Especially with work - I've been unhappy with the job I've been working at. It's a great company and I've met awesome friends as I've worked there (they've even become my best friends, 6 years going!), but I've been unhappy about not finding a job related to my degree. I've spent the whole year (I graduated last December 2013) picking up freelance work and building up my portfolio. 15ilvp-thennow I've also tried to focus on expanding Girlhero.net with media like adding more videos to my YouTube channel, streaming more on my Twitch channel and redesigning GH's identity with a set brand. I will never stop trying to make new content for my blog - It's so satisfying to see how far I've grown! I've created an identity I love & I'm going to continue to produce more content when I can. I knew I wanted to start off the new year looking brighter than before. I didn't want to be doing the same thing again for another year - I felt ready to start applying for jobs related to my degree; Communication Design. It was a few nights ago I stayed up late just submitting my resume to places I found appealing - Two caught my interest in particular. I sent off my resumes & then it was just the waiting game. The next day, my phone rang! One of the jobs got back to me and we scheduled up an interview - It took a day for them to process all their applicants and they ended up calling me back offering me the job position! I also ended up getting a call back from the other job I applied for and accepted the offer too! 15ilvp-03 I'm so stoked! I will be working for a digital media institute as their part-time graphic/web designer (about 1 to 2 days out of the week) & a FULL-TIME (M-F) Creative/Social Marketing director for a very great clothing company that also works closely with cosplayers + comic cons! I'm BEYOND excited to begin working! Best of all, the jobs are in Austin, Texas & I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. It still doesn't feel real since I haven't begun work but reality did kick in when I finally put my 2 weeks in at my current job yesterday. It was a very bittersweet moment since I've been working with the company for 6 years - but it's time to move up and finally work at places I can use my skills at! Things are looking very promising for 2015. I also hope to add LOTS MORE content for Girlhero.net - I'm hoping to:
  • Stream on my Twitch channel at least 3 days out of the week
  • Create daily YouTube videos - at least once a week
  • Keep a consistent blogging schedule - I have ideas of what to blog, but never make decent time to write them. I'll have to take advantage of scheduling posts ahead of time!
  • Better picture & video quality posts - I'm getting my new Nikon camera by January, so content will be looking extra sharp and crisp!
I'm sure I'll come across some obstacles trying to keep a consistent schedule going, but I have a huge drive on keeping Girlhero.net with fresh content. Yet again, sorry for absence on my blog! The new year will be fantastic. I hope everyone has some awesome set-goals they'd love to make happen! Let the new year begin!

Happy Christmas, everyone! I'm happy to share this news with you.