My parents and sister came to visit from out of town a few days ago! It was AWESOME having my whole family visiting. My parents never really sight-see when they come to visit so my sister and I decided to show them around the city. wimc-dec01

This flower was actually from my backyard back in my hometown. I took this picture during my Thanksgiving break :) It's so pretty!

wimc-dec02 We were standing by the "I Love You So Much" wall and I snapped this picture while we were waiting around there. There's always a bunch of flyers throughout the city! wimc-dec03

Two of my favorite places: Amy's Ice Cream and Lucky Robot <3


Distinctive message on South Congress.


Beautiful skyline view from South Congress! I tried to snap this when I was in the middle of the street.


State capital.


We decided to treat my parents to Hula Hut - a must-go-see place here in Austin. The food was delicious and we were able to eat on the deck on top of the lake!


Hula Hut lights!

More picture posts to come! I'm in the process of getting a different camera. I'll most likely go picture-taking crazy once I get a hold of it!

Happy Thursday!