goab If you're like me, who constantly has to make sure they budget out their money, then you know it gets a little stressful around the holidays. I made a short list of any occasion gift ideas that can hopefully help you out if you're in a gift-dilemma.



You can never go wrong with giftcards! It's easy to pick a place you know that person loves to shop at but it does get difficult picking that ONE (or few) items from that shop and debating if they'd like it or not, or if they have it already, etc. A giftcard will definitely take the pressure off and let the gift receiver an option for them to pick what they like!

Pinterest Is Your Friend


Pinterest is DIY heaven. You can easily search any type of DIY project and make a great gift out of it. It's always sweet to know that someone actually took the time to make something homemade. Check out my pinterest board I made with some nifty DIY ideas.

Here are some of my favorites I found:

Comic Book picture frames


This is from one of my older tutorials! It's a very easy and fun tutorial on making customized picture frames. The design process can become endless! I used comic books as a border in my tutorial - You can try getting more creative with some glitter, maybe some clay, felt material and so much more!



You're probably thinking? Magnets? You can purchase some magnetic paper and create a bunch of magnets from home. A nice gift for someone could be pictures you have with them printed off and turned into a magnet or you can get more inspiration from these DIY crafts I found:

Personalized Ornaments 


As a Christmas gift last year, my sister made me a very cute ornament. She made it very personal by adding my graduation tassel inside of it and added glitter that matched my universities colors. You can buy a cheap clear ornament almost anywhere in a arts and crafts store and start decorating it. Make it personal - Add that persons favorite colors, quotes, fandoms!

Geeky treats


Cookies or anything that can be made in a huge amount of bulk can be a great gift! Everyone craves sweets during the holidays or any special occasion! A batch of cookies with silly geeky packaging can be a great gift - Especially if each batch is personalized for that person somehow - either special packaging, a certain colored ribbon tying it together or even just the flavor of treats you make for them.

Need some sweet inspiration? Check out these websites!

Hopefully these can help someone out if you are having trouble thinking of a gift! :) Happy Holidays! I'll be sharing a holiday-DIY-tutorial on a future post!