It's December! I recently moved into a new apartment and I'm SO ready to decorate for the holidays! I've already seen a bunch of my neighbors decorate their balconies with awesome looking Christmas lights. For my Tuesday Finds, I want to share some terrific lights I found that might inspire you to start decorating for your place :) I like to have lights that I can use all year around instead of just for a certain time of the year.

Check out these amazing finds from SmileCotton

tuesdayfinds-lights01 Their lights are so beautiful! They have such character and could light up a small geeky work-space perfectly! I love the ambiance they give and they are extremely fun to look at. They have so much more in their shop - It was really hard to display my favorite ones I came across.
My inner-child is happy to have found Bubblewish's shop!
tuesdayfinds-lights02 Their lights are made with felt material and they have such an innocent feel to them. I'm loving the fox set! Now let's get even further to the enchantments of lights! FairyByFoxie takes us to a world of magic with her fairy lights! tuesdayfinds-lights03

I think these lights are so stunning!

Here are a few other lights definitely worth sharing!

  • ClassyGarbage has taken a simple approach with lights! The results of putting lights in colored bottles are really lovely!
  • The Nifty Nerd takes us straight to the stars with their constellation art decor!
  • Live Steamys Light Ups lights are terrific! You can even have some of the lights customized to say whatever you'd like on them!
  • JustinAnthonyLemus have this great 8-bit Question Mark block that will be fantastic for any geeky space!

I have many plans for decorating our new place! Hopefully these lights will brighten your day :) ♥