Recently, I moved into a new apartment and my roommate and I decided to not get cable, just internet. So I found the mid-season finale episode of the Walking Dead online and just finished watching it.
Here is the full mid-season finale episode!
So many feels. I'd love to share a small review on what I thought of the mid-season finale. Do not continue reading after this point if you haven't caught up on the Walking Dead! The beginning of the episode literally started off with the bang! Rick Grimes doesn't give any "f*cks" anymore. Don't mess with his people! That first scene where he is chasing the escape-cop and hits him with the car was intense! I could feel the fear because I wasn't sure what Rick was going to do! twd-s5ep08-01 It was just intense how he easily could kill the cop - He doesn't want to put up with anymore "BS" from anyone... the last "Shut Up" words after killing the cop were priceless. This is definitely a whole new Rick Grimes. My heart goes out to the minister. He is so lost trying to do good in the end for surviving in this apocalyptic world, but he has to face the fact that chaos will always be around. You have to fight to survive. Everyone in this world aren't good people. twd-s5ep08-02
"I had to see for myself", as he told Michonne after escaping inside the church.
As he goes back to the old schoolhouse, he is finally understanding how the world really is and what people are capable of doing now. But I won't lie, it was really dumb of him to cost them the safety of the church. Luckily, Glenn, Maggie and the others came to save the day and now they are off to go save Beth/Carol from the hospital. Maggie was ready to finally see her sister - The one she thought that she had lost and was dead. Never to be found! But hope came when Michonne told her that she is alive and the others went to go find her... Let the feels begin. The two different groups agreed to trade for their own people - Everything was going according to plan until Dawn changed it up with wanting Noah back. Beth soon realizes what kind of person she is - within the last goodbyes she tries to stab her with a pair of scissors she kept hidden in her cast, but it all back fires. twd-s5ep08-03 RIP Beth. She wasn't one of my favorites but I did like her character a lot. The way she went was so sad - Seeing the look on everyone's face was heartbreaking... Watching Maggie's reaction was even more heart-wrenching. In the end, there is a scene where Morgan is finally closing in on the group. I will leave with with this ending of the episode since it doesn't show up on the full episode from above.
If you watched the mid-season finale, what are your thoughts and feels? I'd love to know in the comments section below! This show is sometimes way too much for my heart to take.