Winter is coming so I tend to ditch wearing my flats or anything else that bears skin and I start wearing my winter boots and comfy shoes. As it's starting to get colder here in Texas, I've been on the hunt of finding some cute and warm socks. Even though they will be hidden within my many layers that I like to start wearing when it gets cold, I still love adding geeky fun looking socks to my wardrobe! Gumball Poodle definitely stands by their motto, "Let your legs do the talking!" I love their quirkiness and vibrant colors. As odd as it sounds - Each of their sock designs seem to have a personality of their own! They have a very fun collection, check them out! tuesdayfinds-ggsocks01 I came across Sock Dreams - it's seriously sock heaven. They have so many awesome choices from low cut to over the knee to thigh highs! What drew me into their website was also the unique designs they had. I loved how spunky and original they looked. tuesdayfinds-ggsocks02 Small Planet has created a set of Sailormoon themed socks! These are so fantastic! I wouldn't be able to just get one - I'd want the whole group together. tuesdayfinds-ggsocks03

Sailormoon Collectibles has found some really magical socks. Check out these fantastic Sailor Moon designs!

tuesdayfinds-ggsocks04 So I wrote everything starting from above this line a few days ago. I'm currently out of town with my family due to very unfortunate news. I was going to add more sock-finds but was unable to continue adding more on. Hopefully the ones I've shared and found were awesome enough for you guys to enjoy :) Anything to keep you guys warm during the cold days coming!

Happy Tuesday!

I'll be having a very personal post coming up on what's been going with my life. I don't like to get too personal with things going on with my life on this blog, but I really want to open up to you guys. Stay toon - keep warm!