The Twitch community continues to grow every single day! I'm happy to be a part of it and I love all the new people who have come into my life that I met through streaming.

The beginning stages of getting involved in the community can be a little rough. I'd like to start this new segment for sharing my tips, tricks and advice on becoming a Twitch streamer.

Creating an identity: Twitch Username 

You're about to create your own Twitch channel - The first thing you have to do is pick a username. You can decide on this in a few different ways depending on how you plan on using Twitch.

  • The Twitch streamer - You should pick a name that really represents you & you know you'd love to hold onto. You are creating an identity for yourself! Once more viewers get involved with your stream, you will be known to them whatever your username is.
  • The Twitch viewer - Creating an account just for fun and to be able to watch other streams - You don't plan on streaming, or maybe not as often, and you just like to view other peoples gameplay. You don't plan on setting any identity for yourself - Have fun and go wild with picking a username!

For example: For my Twitch username, I decided to keep it as "GirlHeroLori". I wanted my blog and other social media networks to play a big part of keeping my identity. Plus, it's easier for people to recognize if all my accounts are in-sync with the same user. There can only be one GirlHeroLori!

6 Tips to Keeping Your Stream Alive & Active

  1. Twitch is filled with so many different streamers. Be yourself - Everyone is different on Twitch. Don't be afraid to be yourself.
  2. Webcams are always a plus! Viewers like to see a real person in-front of them - Showing emotions, rage quitting, laughing and interacting with them, and showing so much more personality.
  3. Don't just sit there! Talk to your audience. That one viewer can turn into a few more viewers if you  can stay interacting and keep a conversation happening. Talk about something that makes you happy - ask the viewers questions like what games are they playing, how was their weekend and a bunch of random stuff to keep the conversation going.
  4. Don't just play a game - As in, set a goal while playing that game during a stream. Anyone can play the same mission over and over - Show off your gaming skills. You can also have a good laugh with everyone if you aren't that good. It really is all in good fun!
  5. As you are playing a game, have some commentary going on - let them know your thoughts.
  6. Be sure to promote yourself! Join a couple of gaming forums, tweet right before you are about to go live, get involved and watch a few other streamers and be active in their chat room. DO NOT promote your stream at another person's channel. I find it really rude when someone will stop by your chat and tell them to pretty much ditch your stream to go watch them play.

Hopefully these tips can help you begin your journey on Twitch! Be sure to check out my next weeks post for more Twitch 101 goodness.

All comments and opinions are welcomed! Feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below on how you got started with Twitch! What are you methods while streaming? I'd love to know :D