I'm a little late on this post but I'd love to share with you my 2014 Halloween experience. As you saw from my previous post, I announced I would be dressing up as a Gryffindor student (which I did, but not til later at night.) At work we were allowed to dress up and participate in a Halloween contest - I ended up going as an Attack on Titan slayer; Part of the Scout Regiment. I was happy to represent my 'wings of freedom'!

I was a titan slayer at work today. #AttackOnTitan #Scout #Halloween

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To be honest, I have no idea who won that Halloween contest! It was awesome to see a few customers stop by the department I work at just to tell me they loved my costume. After work, I switched too my Gryffindor outfit and ate dinner with a friend at a very tiny, secluded and quiet Vietnamese restaurant nearby. It was really nice! It was a really chilled-in Halloween this year. I usually go and see a few pumpkin patches or hang with a couple of friends, but lately I've just been exhausted. I hope you all had a great Halloween and got to see amazing costumes, watch spooky movies and dress up. Hopefully no one went into a candy-coma! ;)